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21 TV Relationships That Prove Different Hogwarts Houses Are Great Together

Hufflepuffs and Slytherins can be perfect couples, too.

1. Chandler (Ravenclaw) and Monica (Gryffindor)

2. Amy (Gryffindor) and Rory (Hufflepuff)

3. Cameron (Hufflepuff) and Mitchell (Ravenclaw)

4. Alisha (Slytherin) and Simon (Ravenclaw)

5. Brittany (Hufflepuff) and Santana (Slytherin)

6. Andy (Hufflepuff) and April (Slytherin)

7. Hyde (Gryffindor) and Jackie (Slytherin)

8. Allison (Gryffindor) and Scott (Hufflepuff)

9. Jane (Ravenclaw) and Michael (Gryffindor)

10. Barry (Hufflepuff) and Iris (Ravenclaw)

11. Leonard (Hufflepuff) and Penny (Gryffindor)

12. Clara (Ravenclaw) and Danny (Gryffindor)

13. Cece (Gryffindor) and Schmidt (Slytherin)

14. Cory (Hufflepuff) and Topanga (Ravenclaw)

15. Amy (Ravenclaw) and Jake (Gryffindor)

16. Juliet (Gryffindor) and Shawn (Slytherin)

17. Alex (Gryffindor) and Ryan (Ravenclaw)

18. Ted (Hufflepuff) and Tracy (Gryffindor)

19. Blaine (Ravenclaw) and Kurt (Slytherin)

20. Claire (Gryffindor) and Matt (Hufflepuff)

21. Jim (Ravenclaw) and Pam (Gryffindor)

True love.