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21 Reasons Jackie And Hyde From "That '70s Show" Were The Best Couple Ever

I love you more than Wisconsin.

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1. They knew their flaws.

2. He was only sweet with her.

3. He took her to Prom when Kelso didn't.


4. She called him Steven.

5. He told her exactly what she needed to hear.

6. She taught him how to give backhanded compliments.

7. They danced flawlessly together.

8. She was brutally honest with him.

9. He was really hot.

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10. And so was she.

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11. He didn't know her affect on him.

12. They really loved one another


13. Her nicknames for him were too cute.

14. She brought out his romantic side.

15. He protected her.

16. They were really competitive.

17. She couldn't keep her hands off of him.

18. Neither could he.

19. He knew how good she was.


20. Their kisses were perfection.

21. And they were super adorable.

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