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    20 Times "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Was The Greatest Show On TV

    "We're watching animal porn!"

    1. When Colin was totally right about George W. Bush.

    2. When Ryan made a great pizza pick-up line.

    3. When Wayne spoke the ultimate truth.

    4. When Colin's feces was the topic of multiple jokes.

    5. When Wayne made this great mash-up.

    6. When Ryan knew exactly how to start a fight.

    7. When the guys proved suits were not girlfriends.

    8. When even Colin couldn't handle Colin.

    9. When Colin had to channel his inner teen.

    10. When Ryan was a great parent.

    11. When Wayne was the best seashell.

    12. When Ryan told his parents a big secret.

    13. When Ryan knew his limits.

    14. When Ryan and Colin proved they should never be in jail.

    15. When Colin tried his hand in marketing.

    16. When Colin was the weirdest boy scout.

    17. When Ryan took a road trip to Hawaii.

    18. When Wayne was ready to meet the Queen.

    19. When Ryan was just done with Drew.

    20. And finally, when Colin made the best joke of all time.