20 Times "Arrested Development" Was The Funniest Show On Television


    1. When Lucille needed breakfast:

    2. That time George Michael tried to act rebellious:

    3. When their lawyer made an ad:

    4. When Tobias talked through his marriage:

    5. That time Tobias didn't think things through:

    6. And then he did it again:

    7. And again:

    8. When Lucille didn't like their cabin:

    9. When Franklin went a little crazy:

    10. When Buster lost his hand:

    11. That time Maeby got religious:

    12. When the show was really detailed:

    13. When Tobias started a new profession:

    14. That time GOB just wanted a friend:

    15. That time Michael had expectations:

    16. When Tobias and George Michael matched:

    17. When George Michael was hiding George Sr.:

    18. That time Tobias knew he wasn't big:

    19. When Lucille wasn't going anywhere:

    20. And that time someone was definitely listening:

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