20 Things All Funny Girls Know To Be True

“My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne.”

1. Everyone always expects you to make a joke

2. Sometimes you can have trouble reading a room

3. In school, the popular girls never understood your jokes, even after you explained

4. People are shocked when you show your feminine side

5. Funny boys always feel threatened around you

6. But you couldn’t care less

7. Your parents were shocked when you started making dirty jokes

8. From time to time, you go way too far

9. And your jokes can totally backfire

10. Sometimes, you pretend a serious comment is a joke

11. Everyone assumes that you went through trauma as a child

12. And if you did, you make jokes about it until they stop asking

13. Your friends sometimes re-tell a mean joke that you said to the wrong person

14. You cringe if the person you’re with says they’re a “comedian”

15. You know that your humor is the best flirting device

16. And if it doesn’t work, you don’t know where to turn

17. Serious situations can be really difficult

18. You are known for laughing at your own jokes

19. Because you’re F*CKING HILARIOUS

20. And don’t let anyone tell you differently

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