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22 Signs You're A Whovian


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1. You're constantly looking for season eight spoilers.

CBS / Via

2. When Rose left, you didn't stop crying for days.

Disney / Via

3. You know that Rory Williams is a God.

4. When Martha left, you wanted to kill everybody.

5. You love fish fingers and custard.

Screen Gems / Via

6. The 50th was possibly the happiest day of your life.

NBC / Via

7. Anytime you hear Bad Wolf, you're convinced somebody will die.

Warner Bros. / Via

8. The name Donna still makes you teary eyed.

Fox / Via

9. The cracks in your wall scare you.

WE tv / Via

10. Your favorite color is Tardis blue.

Fox / Via

11. Your children's names will be Rose, Martha, Jack and Micky.

Warner Bros. / Via

12. You can't wait for August 23rd.

13. You're still waiting for the Rory to your Amy.

DC Entertainment / Via

14. You now say Puh-Izza, which freaks people out.

Marvel Studios / Via

15. You're nervous/excited for Capaldi.

16. If you're not British, you now have a killer accent.

17. You've learned flirting from River Song.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures / Via

18. It's your version of the History Channel.

19. You now really want to be ginger.

Paramount Pictures / Via

20. Clara's style is your dream.

21. You're afraid of angel statues more than anything.

22. And finally, you're still sobbing over Nine, Ten and Eleven.

CBS / Via

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