19 Reasons Why "A Very Potter Musical" Is Timeless

Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.

1. It asks the important questions.

StarKid Productions / Via starkidjuniors.tumblr.com

“Are you kids ready to fight a DRAAAAGON? Of course you aren’t, you’re just children - what the hell am I thinking?”

2. Draco is played by the amazing Lauren Lopez.

StarKid Productions / Via gifboom.com

“Am I bleeding?”

StarKid Productions / Via onthewaytopigfarts.tumblr.com

“Did someone say ‘Draco Malfoy?!’”

3. There’s some pre-Glee Darren Criss.

StarKid Productions / Via rebloggy.com

“It was left to me by my dad, my dad that’s dead. My father is dead. I have a dead father.”

4. Dumbledore doesn’t give a crap.

StarKid Productions / Via listas.20minutos.es

“So basically, I’ve been putting everyone who looks like a good guy into Gryffindor, a bad guy into Slytherin and the others can go wherever the hell they want.”

5. The entrances are killer.

StarKid Productions / Via gifsoup.com

*Seinfeld Music*

StarKid Productions / Via gifsoup.com

“If this homemade Dark Mark won’t convince you…”

StarKid Productions / Via giphy.com

“Malfoy, you coward! Ten points from Gryffindor!”

6. Ginny is a total fangirl.

StarKid Productions / Via victorious-user-relationships.wikia.com

“I don’t want my life to be like Spiderman 3, I hated that movie.”

7. Dramione is perfectly portrayed.

StarKid Productions / Via onthewaytopigfarts.tumblr.com

“I WANT HERMIONE GRANGER! And a rocketship…”

8. Voldemort is sexy as hell.

StarKid Productions / Via fishgif.tumblr.com

“When I had a body, I had mad game with the bitches… Just ask Bellatrix Lestrange!”

9. Zefron is absolutely perfect, too.

StarKid Productions / Via starkidcourtney.tumblr.com

“All the horcruxes are gone, I destroyed them all.”
“What, even my zefron poster?!?!”
“Especially the zefron poster!”

“I wish I could say that it was me, because I feel that I love Zefron the most…but it was definitely a voice coming from within this room.”

10. Pigfarts is real.

StarKid Productions / Via giphy.com

“Dumbledore? Pfft! What an old coot! He’s nothing like Rumbleroar. Rumbleroar is the Headmaster at Pigfarts. He’s a lion. Who can talk.”

11. Hermione is wonderfully assertive.

StarKid Productions. / Via giphy.com

“Actually I have heard those things, Harry, about a thousand times, but never have they been told to me with so much sass. Drop the attitude, Harry Potter. You are acting like Garfield on a Monday.”

12. Draco rolls everywhere.

StarKid Productions / Via giphy.com

“Come on, I’m tired. Can’t we just be Death Eaters?”

13. Voldemort and Quirrell are the best couple.

StarKid Productions / Via fuckyeahbrianrosenthal.tumblr.com

“You know Quirrell, I’ve really grown attached to you - no pun intended.”

StarKid Productions / Via jensenasscakes.tumblr.com

“So you came back?”
“I came home.”

14. Harry knows he’s cool.

StarKid Productions / Via fuckyeahstarkidpotter.tumblr.com

“Yeah, Hermione, I’m the boy who lived. Not died. God.”

15. The kissing is super uncomfortable.

StarKid Productions / Via GIFSOUP.com

“You know, I used to think looks weren’t important and now I think they’re more important than anything.”

16. Cedric is a douche.

StarKid Productions. / Via fuckyeahstarkids.tumblr.com

“Cho Chang, I am so in love with Cho Chang. From Bangkok to Ding Dang, I sing my love aloud for Cho Chang!”

17. Voldemort can dance again.

StarKid Productions

“Voldemort out, bitches.”

18. Ron is always eating.

StarKid Productions / Via arizonas-rph.tumblr.com

“It’s just every time I look at her I get pains in my chest, and I just know it’s her fault, that bitch.”

“Maybe you’ll just have to fight like Mushu from Mulan or something…”

StarKid Productions / Via elijahwood.tumblr.com

“Accio double stuff!”

StarKid Productions / Via GIFSOUP.com

19. And, finally, It’s totally awesome.

StarKid Productions / Via giphy.com

“I love you all, except you Draco. I can’t f***ing stand you.”

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