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19 Things Everybody From D.C. Knows To Be True

No, Bethesda does NOT count.

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1. People assume you grew up next to the White House.

Warner Bros. / Via

2. Traffic doesn't ever phase you.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

3. You know the four quadrants are basically different countries.

Lifetime / Via

4. The idea of eating on the metro will always be weird.

DreamWorks Studios / Via

5. The Kennedy Center was your local theater.

6. You know that Bones and Scandal would never happen.

Paramount Pictures / Via

7. The idea of D.C. being a cool place to live doesn't make any sense to you.

AMC / Via

8. Going to Rockville was basically hell.

NBC / Via

9. Your school held at least one scavenger hunt at the National Mall.

10. A motorcade drove by you almost every day.

11. Rooting for your home team was always somewhat embarrassing.

12. Georgetown University was practically the Holy Grail.

13. You only went to the Zoo during winter.

Paramount Pictures / Via

14. Foxhall was your Beverly Hills.

Nickelodeon / Via

15. You saw a politician every week.

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

16. Inauguration day meant staying inside for a week.

17. You've never understood the obsession with Georgetown Cupcake.

18. You hate it when people say "Reagan" instead of "National".

19. And you know that Bethesda is fake D.C.

HBO / Via


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