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18 Reasons You Should Never Watch "The Flash"

Honestly, it's a terrible show.

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1. Barry isn't a likeable protagonist.

2. Iris is a one-dimensional character.

3. There's never any humor.

4. There are no good friendships.

5. Or relationships.

6. Seriously, Iris and Barry suck.

7. The show takes itself too seriously.

8. Joe is an awful role-model.

9. The women don't stand up for themselves.

10. And they aren't strong.

11. The group never has any fun.

12. None of the villains are scary.

13. Cisco is really boring.

14. The show is stale and emotionless.

15. You won't even crack a smile watching it!

16. Harrison is a cold-hearted monster.

17. Caitlin isn't helpful at all.

18. And super speed isn't even that cool.

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