19 Reasons Marshall From “How I Met Your Mother” Is A Winner

Sorry, Barney; he won every challenge.

1. He’s a good shot.

CBS / Via thetvmouse.com

2. He isn’t ashamed of his past.

3. He’s a ridiculously good dancer.

4. His sass runs the world.

CBS / Via pandawhale.com

5. He has amazing style.

6. He is an incredible singer.

7. He’s always true to himself.

8. He’s a sweetheart.

9. His catchphrase is perfect.

10. He protects those around him.

12. He focuses on the important things.

13. He asks thought-provoking questions.

14. He expects the best.

15. He’s got a killer nickname.

CBS / Via xenojay.com

16. He’s really brave.

17. He’s confident.

CBS / Via imgur.com

18. He can keep a secret.

19. And finally, he’s the best high fiver in history.

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