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18 Times Pam Beesly Proved She's The Best Character On "The Office"

"I don't care what they say about me. I just want to eat."

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1. When she was the only one who dressed up for Halloween.

2. When she won her Dundie.

3. That time she couldn't handle Kelly.

4. When she still didn't know "Closing Time."

5. When she realized she may be evil.

6. That time she was completely candid about Michael.

7. When she was so much better than Jim.

8. That time she was everybody always.

9. When she refused to throw Oscar under the bus.

10. When she wasn't afraid to make a joke.

11. That time she realized her job was useless.

12. When she made an inappropriate joke from 100 miles away.

13. When she discovered a new fact.

14. That time she was just done with Dwight.

15. When she realized Michael's plan.

16. That time she got creative with her alcohol.

17. When she perfectly summed up life in New York.

18. That time she was totally honest about herself.

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