17 Reasons We Should All Want To Be Rudy From "Misfits"

The only thing better than one Rudy is three Rudys.

1. His love of food is like no other.

E4 / Via imgarcade.com

2. He doesn’t hold anything back.

E4 / Via weheartit.com

3. He has completely legitimate fears.

4. He’s extremely passionate.

5. Rudy is wonderfully confident.

E4 / Via buzzfeed.com

6. He asks insightful questions.

7. He’s honest with himself.

E4 / Via giphy.com

8. He goes after what he wants.

9. He loves a good competition.

10. He’s in touch with his emotions.

11. He really understands the people he cares about.

12. Both Rudys are great dancers.

13. He (thinks he) understands women.

14. He’s a true fighter.

E4 / Via fanpop.com

15. Rudy is a fantastic kisser.

16. His disses are incredibly unique.

17. And finally, his reactions to everything are perfect.

E4 / Via giphy.com


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