17 Of The Fucking Worst Types Of Periods

    And that's really saying something.

    1. The first period.

    2. The shows-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night period.

    3. The weirdly-short period.

    4. The crazy-long period.

    5. The ruined-cute-underwear period.

    6. The "so-late-oh-my-God-am-I-pregnant???" period.

    7. The swimming period.

    8. The gallons-and-gallons period.

    9. The goes-away-then-comes-back period.

    10. The ever-staining period.

    11. The barely-there period.

    12. The worst-cramps-of-your-life period.

    13. The synced period.

    14. The early period.

    15. The airplane period.

    16. The thick period.

    17. And the surprise period.

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