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    17 Times Schmidt From "New Girl" Was The Best Character On TV


    1. When he was the best player in the loft:

    2. That time he couldn't handle Winston:

    3. That time he tried to be hip with the young people:

    4. That time he thought everyone was in love with him:

    5. When he just wanted to be a good friend:

    6. That time he needed a little pep talk:

    7. When he was the only one with style standards:

    8. When he just didn't understand the world:

    9. When he tried to be a badass:

    10. That time he truly understood tragedy:

    11. When he went back to his roots:

    12. That time he tried to market his friends:

    13. When he had no time for games:

    14. When he stood up for Jess's jam:

    15. That time he tried to be romantic and failed miserably:

    16. That time he tried to be cool:

    17. And when he was just done with Nick's crap:

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