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    17 Reasons Barry And Iris From "The Flash" Are The Best Couple On TV

    In every timeline.

    1. Barry always goes all out for her.

    2. Their kisses are crazy amazing.

    3. Even in a world where they don't know each other, their chemistry is on point.

    4. Like, always.

    5. And Iris can feel their love even without knowing him.

    6. Look Barry's face when she talks about them!

    7. Because they really know how to end a date.

    8. Iris is the only one who can inspire him.

    9. She has no doubt they belong together.

    10. Barry's been in love with her his whole life.

    11. Iris couldn't care less that Barry is The Flash — she just wants Barry.

    12. She never fails to turn him into an awkward schoolboy.

    13. They're been through everything together.

    14. Barry always says the right thing.

    15. And also they're both, like, super hot.

    16. Basically, they're just really adorable.

    17. And, obviously, they're the best couple on TV.

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