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15 Times John Mulaney Was The Funniest Man In America

"Adult life is already so goddamn weird."

1. When he talked about unwanted attention:

2. When he was 100% right about middle school:

3. When he remembered the old days:

4. When his dad was simultaneously the cruelest and the best dad ever:

5. When he described his childhood self as an 80 year-old man:

6. When he talked about pot and then made you think:

7. When he did an impression of his real estate agent:

8. Who really wanted he and his wife to have a baby:

9. When he opened up about his feelings:

10. When he made us all rethink Back to the Future:

11. When he spoke to his dog:

12. When he figured out Donald Trump:

13. When he told his favorite story from his time as a temp:

14. When he was just done with being a grown up:

15. And finally, when he perfectly summed up college:

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