15 Reasons Wade Kinsella From “Heart Of Dixie” Is A Total Gem

Who needs George Tucker, really?

1. His confidence.

The CW / Via offcolortv.com

2. His musicality.

The CW / Via wifflegif.com

3. His smile.

The CW / Via wifflegif.com

4. His charm.

The CW / Via spoilthedead.com

5. His fancy style.

6. His wisdom.

The CW / Via gifwave.com

7. His smirk.

The CW / Via giphy.com

8. His romantic ways.

The CW / Via weheartit.com

9. His strength.

The CW / Via fanforum.com

10. His meaningful stare.

11. His relaxed-self.

The CW / Via giphy.com

12. His love of food.

The CW / Via data1.whicdn.com

13. His cheesy double take.

14. His sweetness.

15. And, of course, his all of this:

The CW / Via images5.fanpop.com
The CW / Via offcolortv.com


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