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    15 Problems All People With ADHD Know To Be True

    I'm trying to focus over here!

    1. Working without complete silence is almost impossible.

    2. You have about 5,000 projects always on your minds.

    3. In school, having a double period was the death of you.

    4. And homework always took you twice as long.

    5. When you actually can focus, any distraction makes you furious.

    6. You're constantly being told to calm down.

    7. If you're working, your mind is on having fun.

    8. If you're having fun, your mind is on work.

    9. Trying to be productive while music's playing is virtually impossible.

    10. When you're on your meds, food never crosses your mind.

    11. But when they wear off, you can't do anything but eat.

    12. Watching a three hour movie can be seriously difficult.

    13. You constantly get asked if you're lying just for the meds.

    14. Somehow, you always forget to do something important.

    15. And you're incapable of looking at ONE thing at a time.