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13 Incredibly Annoying Cases Of Sexism All Women Experience

"Oh just stop being so emotional."

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1. "Is it your time of the month?"

Apatow Productions / Via

Well, that's actually none of your business, but don't worry, either way I actually hate you.

2. "Stop being so emotional."

Nickelodeon Productions / Via

Wow, thanks for that. You can go shave your back now.

3. Beating a man in a game and then overhearing, "I let her win."

Fox / Via

Yep, sure. And I actually like you. Totally.

4. "So, what're all the girls saying about me?"

Fox / Via

That your ego is the biggest thing you've got.

5. "What's it really like being a woman?"

BBC / Via

Excuse me, that's actually what you're choosing to say?

6. "It's not that big of a deal. Just stop being so hysterical."

Disney / Via sosimplyselena

Hysterical comes from the same root as hysterectomy, so it's sexist in and of itself. Oh, and shut up.

7. Being asked to comfort a crying guy because, "you're better at these things."

Carousel Productions / Via

Actually, I'm not a huge fan of consoling crying guys. Thanks.

8. "I bet you only use your phone to text and go on Instagram."

NBC / Via

Well, I know enough to delete you from my contacts, actually.

9. "Stop being such a pus -- oh, sorry."

Fox / Via

One, I'm sorry you were ever born and two, thanks for saving me from a word that's derogatory and specific about me.

10. "How was Fifty Shades Of Grey?"

The CW / Via

I don't know, how was growing up into a terrible human being?

11. When you're at a restaurant and a man says, "she'll have the..."

ABC Family / Via

Actually, I have coherent thoughts and know how to order my own food, thanks.

12. "You probably don't know who Peyton Manning is."

CBS / Via

You probably don't know what decency is.

13. And, finally, being over eighteen years old and hearing someone say, "You're a great girl."

E! / Via

You'd never call a man over 18 a boy, but you call a women over 18 a girl? Well, that's good to know.

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