16 Reasons Why We Want A Pet Dragon

Cats are cool - but wouldn’t you like a pet with some fire in it’s belly? Humans and dragons can have a harmonious relationship - the only thing is, you’ve got to remember to train ‘em. How To Train Your Dragon 2 is in cinemas July 10.

It's no secret: having a pet dragon* would be great

*Yes, we know this is a lizard… They’re far more photogenic than actual dragons.

1. You could take it for walks, and look like a total badass

All the dogs in the park would be like 'Whaaaaa…'

2. You'd also get to give it a cool name…


… Like ‘Spike’ or ‘Peppy’ or ‘Rory’.

3. And you could teach it tricks

Like how to roll over for a tummy tickle.

4. If you got a little one, you could take it to work in your pocket

5. Plus, there's the whole breathing fire thing

Which would be very useful for this…


The amount you’d save on heating bills means it would start paying for itself within a year.

6. Unless you bought an ice dragon, then it would be…

7. If you got a flying one, you'd never be late for anything again


And would save a fortune on travel costs. The little ones can be used for passing notes and mailing letters. If you don’t mind them a bit singed and smokey.

8. Some breeds are actually able to sniff out treasure


So you’d never lose your wallet/keys/glasses again.

9. Your other pets would soon get used to it:


10. If you get a breeding pair, dragons make pretty good mothers

But you have to be careful with the egg layers - they make nests in the weirdest places

Fridge, oven, or we even had one nesting in our toaster one year - depending if they’re fire or ice type.

Other reasons why we want a pet dragon…


11. Their skin is pretty much bullet-proof





And they shed it once a year, which means you can use their shed scales for things like roof tiles, or burglar-proof fencing. And it comes in a range of colours.

12. They're easy to feed


We’re joking about the last one. Honest.

13. They're great talking points at parties

And they LOVE to dance.

14. They make good guard pets

NBC5 / nbcdfw.com / Via forgifs.com

15. No one would mess with you if you were out late walking with one of these


16. In conclusion, we all want a pet dragon…

The Holy Mountain/ABKCO Music and Records / Via tapiture.com

… Because they are AWESOME.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is in cinemas July 10.

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