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    Posted on Sep 28, 2014

    Jump Higher With:Vert Shock

    The Vert Shock program enables you to jump higher—with an average user gaining 9 to 15 inches on their vertical leap!

    Many of the greatest dunkers of all time, never needed to learn how to jump higher. This was because they were naturally born with an athletic ability to 'jump out of the gym'. For you and I, that is usually not the case. Don't be confused, though being able to jump higher is not as complex as it may sound.

    Much of it comes down to the strength, which you possess in your lower body(calfs hamstrings). This is where the Vert Shock comes into play. Vert Shock is a scientifically proven program based on bodyweight and polymeric exercises that can manipulate muscle fibers type IIb into their ideal performance. It only takes a practice of 4 days a week, less than a daily hour to increase your performance to incredible heights. You can practice Vert Shock's exercises on any free open space, though soft grounds are the best option.

    If you finally want to learn how to through down the dunks Like Lebron James, Then Vert shock is your answer. And with a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Thanks for reading. Now let's get on those courts and start dunking!

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