11 Moments In "Spirited Away" That Prove Haku And Chihiro Are Soulmates

    "Once you meet someone, you never really forget them."

    1. Both Haku and Chihiro's storylines follow a similar path: they were both in great danger and needed each other to awaken so they could be free.

    2. They both go through challenges and fears alone, without the help of each other.

    3. But when they really needed each other, they were there —right on time.

    4. Even after a long period of time, both Haku and Chihiro instantly recognized each other. As Chihiro described this experience: “I feel like Haku and I met a long time ago.”

    5. Then Chihiro recognized Haku even when he was in his unrecognizable form as a dragon.

    6. It's Chihiro’s vision that tells her what Haku’s real name is too, setting him free. Part of Haku’s name, Kohaku, is the name of the river where Chihiro miraculously survived from drowning as a child. He saved her, now she saved him.

    7. A name holds important information such as ancestry, birthplace, family/cultural history, and so on. Haku losing his name is a metaphor for losing his purpose in life.

    8. The 6th Station that Chihiro and No-Face travel to has multiple spiritual meanings: six in numerology indicates family, unconditional love, and home.

    9. Train ride at the 6th Station is a metaphor that Haku and Chihiro will be on that train of life to go back home, to each other.

    10. During the first scene of the movie, Chihiro is holding a bouquet of flowers with a card that said, “Good luck, Chihiro. Hope we meet again.”

    11. The song played through the end credits is called “Always With Me.”

    12. Seriously, if these instances don't prove Kohaku and Chihiro are soulmates who will find each other again one day, nothing will! ❤️