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    • howelltitus

      Honestly, art is about expression - not necessarily about selling. If you’re so much more concerned about the selling aspect rather than enjoying what you put out, why are you even working in the first place? I’m a PT graduate, I used to write feature articles for various school publications, and I take all manner of art requests. In all those different trades, I very seldom get to work with a patient/disease I prefer to handle, write about things that interest me, and I’ve always done my best to put my requesters first when I’m hired for a piece. Now I don’t get anything about body image issues. We are biologically wired that way as a species to like certain shapes/builds as they are perceived as signs of fitness and health so there’s no avoiding that. I don’t know if their concern is that their bodies are generally not eye-candy to most people or they’re simply not getting paid to work on something they call “real female figures” in mainstream publications.

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