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    • houstons

      I admire your honesty Kyle. Sex should be freeing for the soul and the body, and having AIDs lurking in every corner seems unfair. But sex has always had some danger of venereal disease transmission, the diseases change, and mortality always lurks in those corners.Ithink we feel this during sex, and it intensifies our exhilaration with being alive. When we are young, we feel we’ll always be young, and we literally cannot imagine what age feels like. But now that I’m older, let me give you one important piece of advice-enjoy your health and protect your health. That is the best gift that you can give yourself and the people you love. There are elements of risk in any type of sex, nothing is absolutely safe, but think about saving the riskiest types of sex foraperson that you can trust, who you want to spend years with, and commits to loving you. And for people that come and go in your life, use less risky versions of safer sex-there are plenty of creative choices.

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