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Six Reasons Wine Is The Superior Choice Of Alcohol

Why wine trumps beer & Liquor

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1. Wine is only 11.8% Average

Since wine is low on the alcohol content scale, you get to drink more. A whole bottle of vodka? Dead. A whole bottle of wine? A damn good time.

2. It's healthy

Wine is made primarily from grapes and other fruits. Therefore, wine is a part of your daily nutrition pyramid.

3. It's affordable

Wine can start as low as $4.80 for value priced and on average it only costs around $12.00.

4. Jesus liked wine, too

Not only did He turn water into wine, He drank it!

5. There's a taste for everyone

Sweet? Dry? Red? White? Rose? Sangria? Don't like one, just try another!

6. You'll look powerful and classy

Have a glass of wine, old sport.

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