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15 Ways To Create Drama Where There Is None

Go for maximum drama and chaos. And if you need more drama, learn from the best: The Hotwives of Las Vegas. A Hulu Original series, now streaming on Hulu.

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1. Walk into every room with a fake smile.


It sets the stage for drama. Being sincere is boring.

2. Take someone's chair when they get up and pretend you didn't know they were sitting there.


This will definitely cause trouble. That's what we want.

3. Roll your eyes at people...often.


The farther back you can get your eyes, the better. We are going for maximum drama.

4. Make other people's problems about you, and how they affect your life.


Let's not forget who's number one here.

5. Create a fake social media profile and send messages to your loved ones.


Nothing serious, just enough to ruin a few relationships. Some light trolling.

6. When someone asks you to do something, throw your head back and say "ugh."

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Then check to make sure they saw you do it. Do it again if they didn't.

7. Ask someone when their due date is, even if they're not expecting.


8. Instead of complimenting someone on their outfit, bring them down a level with a casual insult...


9. ...or a backhanded compliment.


"I would never be able to pull that off."

10. Make a habit of throwing shade in every situation.


Throw so much shade, your enemies are forced to take off their hats.

11. Spread infidelity rumors among your friend group.


"I'm not saying that Julie slept with Samantha's fiancé, I'm just saying that she told me she slept with Samantha's fiancé."

12. Subtly cause people to start questioning everything. A comment here, a raised eyebrow there.


"Are you sure you're the father, Steve?"

13. Wear a white dress and veil to a wedding that is not your own.

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Also carry flowers. Why should the bride get all the attention?

14. Or for next-level drama: Steal your friend's fiancé.


You are now officially the worst human. That was the plan!

15. And, as a dramatic finale, throw a glass of champagne in someone's face.


This is the icing on the chaos cake. Drama has been achieved!

Now you belong with The Hotwives of Las Vegas. They're just like real housewives, but hotter and more perfect. Don't miss the drama, now streaming on Hulu.