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16 Struggles Only Hotwives Of Las Vegas Understand

It's hard being so hot and perfect all the time. Don't miss the season premiere of Hulu Original The Hotwives of Las Vegas, now streaming, only on Hulu.

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1. When people don't understand how awesome you actually are.

You wrote the book on being awesome. You just can't read it.

2. When you feel like you're permanently living in shade.

3. When people accuse you of throwing shade, even though you weren't.

4. When people say your man is only with you to take advantage of your fame.

(That's simply not true.)

5. When the romaine lettuces come out of the oven, and you just want to eat them all, but you know you shouldn't.

So you have a water-rita instead.

6. When all the girls are fighting, and it's up to you to be the peacemaker, always.

7. When you have to spend so much money on waterproof mascara.

8. When you look hot on your wedding day, except for that one piece of missing finger.

Being born without the tip of your finger has always been a challenge.

9. When you get upset, and you binge on popped air.

It's not your fault you're an emotional eater. You're going to be so bloated later.

10. When another hotwife throws a charity pool party, and you're expected to go.


11. When you're dressed as a mermaid at your pool party, and everyone else shows up as a mermaid too.

12. When you want to frown sometimes, but you know you can't, because botox.

13. When your servants call you by your first name.

They must never call you by your first name.

Much better.

14. When you have to deal with a lot of jealous women.

15. When you have to remain perfect at all times, and it's such hard work.

People don't realize.

16. But then you realize that, despite your struggles, you're still better than everyone else.

It's hard work being better than everyone else, so this still counts as a struggle.

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