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14 Things That Happen In Vegas And Should Stay In Vegas

Vegas, feel free to keep all of these things. But keep giving us The Hotwives of Las Vegas. Now streaming, only on Hulu.

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1. First of all, Vegas, you can keep all that breakfast drinking.

Chill out, Vegas. It's too much.

2. Keep your lawyers that double as taxidermists and reality TV judges.

You might need them.

3. 24-hour strip clubs, specifically "Venus's Mound."

Nobody else needs a strip club breakfast buffet but you, Vegas.

4. Famous bubble artist shows, like Blow for Humanity:

This looks great, Vegas. Feel free to keep it!

5. Questionable sea-themed drought fundraiser pool parties.

We know you're just trying to siphon water into your country clubs and casinos.

6. The celebrity party planners.

Too much attitude.

7. Vegas, keep your witches. You might need them one day.

We didn't even know you had them until we watched this show.

8. Vegas weddings can only happen in Vegas.

Therefore they can stay in Vegas.

9. The wedding chapel fights.

You should probably keep them, to be safe.

10. We don't know how we feel about the "hug buckets"; they might be OK.

They seem to work for this Las Vegas hotwife.

11. The stage moms we can definitely do without.

Pls wipe that eyeshadow off that poor baby.

12. All that slapping...

Keep it. We won't be upset.

13. ...and all that makeup.

Excessive contouring can stay in Vegas.

14. And you should definitely keep your hotwives, Las Vegas.

Because we want to watch them on Hulu. Don't miss the The Hotwives of Las Vegas, now streaming, only on Hulu.

All images courtesy of Hulu