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The Hottest Babes of Bobsledding

Yes, the UK pants-ripping team made it. Interesting fact: the Germans usually dominate women's bobsleigh, but not one of them made this list. We are blind to athleticism here at BuzzFeed.

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  • 1. Gillian Cooke

    This is the ass that put Women's Bobsledding on the map. SHE HAS A FACE, TOO. She also used to be a fairly successful track star, before taking up gravity. So watch for this one.

  • 2. Nicola Minichiello

    Nicola is the other half of the infamous pants-splitting UK team. They also happen to be the reigning world champions.

  • 3. Heather Moyse

    Heather is probably the cutest Canadian in the Olympics, hands down. She is a "brakeman," which you could probably make into something dirty if you wanted.

  • 4. Bree Schaaf

    Team USA! Bree used to do the skeleton (which is just racing a lunch tray down a chute, basically) but switched to bobsled in 2007. This is her first Olympics!

  • 5. Helen Upperton

    Helen is a Kuwaiti-born Canadian bobsledder, so there will almost certainly be an emotional montage about her at some point. She finished fourth at the Turin Olympics (with Heather Moyse).

  • 6. Kallie Humphries

    Kallie is the third member of the Canadian Bobsled Love Triangle--she also used to race with Heather Upperton, and she now races with Heather Moyles. She's also married to another (male) Canadian bobsledder.