Sven Kramer Calls NBC Reporter Stupid

BuzzFeed's favorite non-American athlete hates NBC too.

Matt Stopera • 8 years ago

The Hottest Babes of Bobsledding

Yes, the UK pants-ripping team made it. Interesting fact: the Germans usually dominate women's bobsleigh, but not one of them made this list. We are blind to athleticism here at BuzzFeed.

Hottest Olympians • 8 years ago

The Hottest Dudes of Skiing

In our continued effort to prepare readers for the Olympic Hottie Parade, here is a list of male skiers to watch for. You might also learn something about competitive skiing, if you know as little as I did.

Amanda Dobbins • 8 years ago

Olympics Sex Fest

The Times UK has an article about all the hooking up that went on at the Olympics.

Peggy Wang • 9 years ago