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    Ten Things You Should Know About Your Friend With A Chronic Illness

    Most people know someone with a chronic illness, but a lot of them don't know what we are truly feeling.

    1. Sometimes we are just really tired

    2. Just because we look good doesn't mean we feel good

    3. Please stop suggesting that your kale diet will make us feel better KAREN!

    4. We don't ditch plans last minute because we want to

    5. If we give you healthcare advice it is because we know the system and medications better than anyone

    6. We probably have some PTSD and anxiety about our health condition(s) past, present, and future

    7. Nothing makes us feel more loved than when someone accepts us for who we are

    8. We appreciate you checking in on it is not annoying

    9. Having a chronic illness does not mean that we are any less capable

    10. Having a chronic illness can be really isolating and frustrating, but because of it, we are stronger, fiercer, and more resilient than you could imagine