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Here’s Why Hotel Starlino Is Going To Be The Star Of Every Aperitivo Hour These Holidays

Aperitivo season is here, baby.

The end of the year is nigh. Carols are playing in the shopping centres and we’re all beginning to drop the phrase "let’s circle back in the New Year" in our emails.

The mulled wine of winter is sadly behind us — but that also means the days of the light, fresh apéritifs are ahead. Meet Hotel Starlino.

First, for your consideration, this zesty and light Starlino Rosé, perfect for lazy summer afternoons by the pool.

And, because it’s not summer without a lightly bittersweet apéritif, don't forget the Starlino Orange.

The brains (and noses and tastebuds) behind the Hotel Starlino range are Denis Muni and Beppe Ronco, distillers with two decades of experience behind them.

So this summer and festive season, replace the usual run-of-the-mill wine in your spritzes with Hotel Starlino for a very sophisticated twist.

Live your best life this summer — far away from your inbox and very close to your new favourite apéritifs.