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Jonathan Van Ness Is Trying Stand-Up Comedy And We’re Freaking Out

Get. Ready.

We were all waiting for it...

...and it's finally here:

Jonathan Van Ness finally has his own show.

In Hotels.comedy Presents: 10 Nights With Jonathan Van Ness, we follow Jonathan on his dream journey to become a stand-up comedian.

We'll follow him all across the country.

He'll bring his friends along, too.

And maybe even get a little personal.

We'll watch him tell jokes.

Obviously we'll watch him work his hair magic...

...and we'll get some moments we can only describe as "classic Jonathan."

The stage is set, and we're sooo excited to tune in.

Get ready for laughs. Get ready for sass. Your favorite boy, JVN, is teaming up with to give the people 10 nights of laughs across the country, and you're invited. Watch the first episode here:

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