17 Ways To Celebrate The Comeback Of Hostess

We are so excited and we REALLY can’t hide it. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate the comeback of Hostess, just as long as you do!

1. Run down the streets telling everyone the news.

“The Twinkies are coming! THE TWINKIES ARE COMING!”

2. Cruise around town in some sweet Hostess rides.

Dave Hogg / Via Flickr: davehogg

Compact options also available.

3. Take your celebration to the high seas.

showbizsuperstar / Via Flickr: showbizsuperstar

A little much? Perhaps. Worth it? You bet.

4. Get adventurous with your snacks. Try grilling a Twinkie.

5. Bring your dessert to the next level like a boss.

Christina / Via instagram.com

6. Or go all the way and deep fry them.

Zach Cochran / Via instagram.com

Yup. That just happened.

7. Add a little “twist” to your wardrobe.

Victoria Kessinger / Via instagram.com

8. Get the little ones involved.

9. Even your furry friends are pretty pumped about the news.

10. Treat yourself and get the best manicure of your life.

11. Don’t forget to properly accessorize.

sugarcubecorner / Via etsy.com

12. Especially with some Twinkie swag.

Hostess Snacks / Via instagram.com

13. Invite your friends over for a celebratory feast.

Christina Howard / Via instagram.com

Everyone brings over a different Hostess cake and then dig in. It’s like Thanksgiving, but you just skip to dessert.

14. Turn the cakes…into a cake!

herrea / Via Flickr: herrea

Like, what’s the point if there isn’t a cake involved?

15. Share the wealth.

Hostess Snacks / Via instagram.com

There’s now PLENTY to go around. So go ahead, make someone’s day.

16. Do your “Hostess Is Back?!” celebratory dance.

Sometimes expressing you happiness through dance is the only option. Let it happen.

17. But the best way to celebrate is to just eat and enjoy.

juhansonin / Via Flickr: juhansonin

It’s sweet to be back.

Hostess Snacks / Via instagram.com

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