10 Signs You Were A Hostess Kid Growing Up

Who knew that little delicious cakes could have such an impact on your childhood? Time to take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood memories now that Hostess is making the sweetest comeback ever!

1. You still want Twinkie The Kid to be your playground buddy.

2. And you still believe only kids see King Ding Dong.

Parents just didn’t understand…

3. To this day, you still have to heat up your Honey Bun.

patrick reynolds / Via instagram.com

Your parents knew the way to your heart, so why mess with tradition?

4. Everything about this Hostess commercial made your realize that being a kid was awesome.

5. You were royalty during recess with your CupCake yo-yo.

France1978 / Via Flickr: 51764518@N02

CupCake yo-yo always beat a “regular” yo-yo any day…no questions about it.

6. Twinkie rings were the only bling you ever needed.

You liked the Twinkie, and they put a ring on it. It was meant to be.

7. You were able to get your fix in the middle of class with Ho Hos lip balm.

Remember, if you brought one Ho Ho into class, you needed to bring one for everyone else. This just made things way easier for yourself.

8. You still remember that sharks love Hostess too.


They’re just a little confused, that’s all.

9. You ate so many Hostess snacks just to make your baseball card collection complete.

10. You took matters into your own hands with the Hostess Snack Oven.

Parents didn’t make it to the store? Not an issue at all.

Long live the Hostess kid inside all of us.

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