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You Don't Have To Spend Money On Garbage


Horse_ebooks • 7 years ago

What Was Happening To You In 1992?

Here s a Real Story! - My father

Horse_ebooks • 7 years ago

@horse_ebooks Valentines

Vondell Swain's @horse_ebooks Valentines are the perfect way to tell someone how much you truly care.

Horse_ebooks • 7 years ago

The Poetic Tweets Of @Horse_ebooks

@Horse_ebooks is a Twitter bot run by some Russian dude trying to sell you terrible ebooks about horses. To avoid being detected as a scam, he has devised the brilliant idea to post snippets from said ebooks randomly, resulting in these amazing tweets. They're quite poetic, and a lot more interesting than horses.

hgrant • 7 years ago

Horse EBooks Comics

Inspired by @Horse_eBooks a spambot on twitter that circumvents the filter by posting excerpts from its online catalog of horse books, artist Burton Durand has decided to take it to its next logical step: a webcomic series.

zombieianbrooks • 7 years ago

Horse_ebooks Has Scary Highs And Lows

We all know a horse can't be happy all the time, but Horse_ebooks has really been on edge lately. It's probably best to not go near him until he calms down and maybe re-evaluates his life.

Andrea Hickey • 7 years ago