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11 Things Everyone Has Done During Their Commute

Commuting is always a little crazy — finally, there's a snack to help. Grab a Hormel REV Wrap whenever you're on the go for real food that keeps you moving.

1. Had to reach into the backseat for a bag you needed and not been able to grasp it.

2. Stopped to get coffee even though you could get it for free at the office.

3. Spilled said coffee on yourself.

4. Dropped your phone into the abyss between the seat and the door...

5. ...and then hunted for it in vain for way too long.

6. Rehearsed a presentation you were giving later out loud, to yourself.

7. In the summer, blasted the AC but kept the window down because you knew you'd be stuck inside all day.

8. Made eye contact for a little longer than necessary with a fellow driver.

9. Cut someone off in traffic near your office...and realized too late that it was your boss.

10. Sat in the car until the song you were playing was over.

11. Checked your reflection in your car window in the work parking lot and caught your co-worker seeing you do it.

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