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10 Multitasking Gadgets The Future Has Created For You

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1. The Wallet Ninja / Via

Ever wished you could carry a letter opener, screw driver, can opener, nail puller, inch ruler, can opener, and cell phone stand with you at all times? Now you can! Wallet Ninja is all those things and more, and it fits inside your wallet just like a credit card. Snag one here.

2. The Egg and Muffin Toaster

Getting out the door in the morning is never a piece of cake, but it just got a whole lot easier. Simultaneously toast your toast, cook your eggs, and warm your meat, and have a full breakfast sandy before you can say lickety-split. Get yours here.

3. The Camping Hammock

Nejc Urankar Photography / Via

Headed out for an outdoorsy getaway and want comfort AND shelter? Look no further. The Lawson Camping Hammock can be used as either a hammock or a tent, and it's lightweight and easy to carry. Get your own here.

4. Bluetooth Gloves

It's high time you were able to make a phone call without touching your phone. Whether you're skiing, hiking, or just running from meeting to meeting in the cold, these gloves will let you do it all. Get a pair here.

5. The Notebook Sleeve With Heat Protection

Love getting work done while you watch TV but hate how hot your device gets? No more! This useful laptop sleeve doubles as a heat protector, so your legs will stay cool while you werk. Get it here.

7. The Clippa Lady

A hair clip that doubles as a nail file, a bottle opener, a ruler, and a small screwdriver, this baby has it all. You can also use it as (spoiler) a regular hair clip. Who would have thought! Get it here.