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11 Apps Every Busy Person Desperately Needs

Life is crazy, but these apps will make it easier! And now you can stay busy and stay full with Hormel REV Wraps, on-the-go real food that keeps you moving.

1. Wunderlist

Sure, you've had to-do lists before...but not like this. Wunderlist is a task manager that helps with everything from buying groceries to planning a wedding. You can share your to-dos from any device, set due dates and reminders for yourself, and search easily.

Price: Free

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire

2. Pocket

It happens all the time — an article pops up in your social media feed that interests you, but you're late for a meeting and there's no way you can read it right now. Pocket allows you to download and save all the articles (and videos!) you want for later in one place. Reading list achieved.

Price: Free

Available for: iOS, Android, Kobo

3. Slice

Shopping online saves time, and Slice saves you headaches whenever you do it! It automatically grabs tracking numbers from your email, shows you a map of your package shipments, saves your receipts, and tracks your budget. It's a must-have for all online shoppers.

Price: Free

Available for: iOS, Android

4. Todoist

Another amazing twist on the standard to-do list. This app helps you keep track of deadlines and schedule tasks with ease. Bonus: It has a 24/7 sync, so you can adjust your to-dos even when you're offline.

Price: Free

Available for: iOS, Android

5. Do It (Tomorrow)

6. Awesome Calendar

7. Asana

This app is all about working together. Asana makes teamwork easy by letting you share information with your colleagues, comment on each other's tasks, share images, and notify each other when work is finished. It's an easy, streamlined way to track a team's work.

Price: Free

Available for: iOS, Android

8. Focus Keeper

9. TripIt

10. AroundMe

This app is simple, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. Ever wonder where the nearest gas station is, or where you can grab a cup of coffee? AroundMe lets you know fast — and then gives you directions and lets you email your newfound info to a friend.

Price: Free

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

11. Habit List

Keep a full stomach on a full schedule with Hormel Rev Wraps. Made with real meat and cheese, it's food that makes it easy to eat and do.

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