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Cufflinks – A Great Way To Complete Your Look

Cufflinks can make or break a menswear look. It’s totally up to you that how do you wear them and which type of cufflink you select.

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Every man wants to look stylish and for this you have to pick something that would make you stand out from the crowd. For making a right choice, you have to know different types of cufflinks that are available in the market.

Bullet Back Closures Cufflink

This is a popular cufflink because of its ease of use. The closure part consists of the cylinder shaped mechanism. The backing is like a bullet shaped that can be swiveled up to 360 degree making it easy to get through the button holes. Wear them and get ready to look like a gentlemen.

Personalized Cufflinks

These cufflinks are highly in demand now- a-days as they look beautiful on both formal and casual shirts and suits. Personalized cufflinks can be the perfect gift for your loved ones when given on any occasion as they are totally unique and glamorous.

Chain Link Cufflinks

They are made of two sides that are joined together by a chain. It can be fastened with ease. Chain Link Cufflinks have something appealing to look at on both sides of the cuff. These cufflinks requires a little manual artistry to wear them. It is also very flexible that allows for a looser cuff. Make it a part of your wardrobe and reflect your style.

Fixed Backing Cufflinks:

It is the most secured type of cufflinks because it does not move and remain fixed. It is an extension of the cufflink and they are difficult to get through the button holes because of its shape. Fixed backings also come in reversible styles. They are more durable as there are no moving parts.

Whale Back Cufflinks

It consists of a flat face and a whale tail attached at the end that spins back to close the link and they are easily inserted into the button holes. They are easy to handle due to its large post and closing mechanism. Have a pair of them and get ready to look the best among others.

Ball Return Cufflinks

They are available in both fixed or chain link style. Its backing is more attractive than the bullet back cufflinks and preferred by many people. Its back is designed like a ball shape that is connected to the decorative material on the other side of the cufflinks. They are easy to put on and does not require any effort. This cufflink can be expensive as compared to other types due to its ball weight.

Knot Cufflinks

They are made of silk or yarn and are perfect for non formal events. They look very casual if made from different colours of threads. Knot cufflinks are similar to the chain cufflinks due to their same base structure. They don’t have a long life as compared to other types of cufflinks but more affordable than others.

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