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Now, before all of you leap on me going, "HOW DO I WIN AT ART!?!?!?!?!!1111" and think it's a Ponzi scheme. No such thing. This is from my own experiences of all the mental highs and lows, anguish to ecstacy and everything in between. This has helped me be badass in my craft both in drawing and doing what I do no matter what. Art is not for the faint of heart for the creator. We can be lauded and totally exterminated (so much more so on the internet) for any little predetermined 'slip-up' (drawing Rose Quartz 'slimmer' and having an artist almost killing herself) that can potentially destroy us. So, in the age of the internet and daily interaction, here's what has helped me.

Christie Shinn 2 years ago

Depression Is The Spice Of Life

Now, before anyone tells me how depression is awful and terrible, along with all sorts of sad - I KNOW. I know, because I've suffered from periods of depression myself. By no means am I saying that I am an expert, but I am definitely aware of what happens to ME. What I do may not be right for YOU. However, it's to let you know that we're not all screwed up as we think we are for the most part. DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. If you think, or you know someone that is pretty horribly depressed and otherwise incapacitated - see a medical professional/licensed head duder ASAP. I'm only relaying my personal experiences from my life and head. So, do what you need to do that is right and healthy for yourself.

Christie Shinn 2 years ago

How To Identify A Crappy Friend

We would like to view friendship as "magic" and "forever" like a lot of close relationships that we have. In truth, friendships can be as dysfunctional as romantic and familiar relationships and can run on for many more years as the romantic ones and can leave more wreckage behind. Here's the signs of a crappy friend!

Christie Shinn 2 years ago

How To Go Through Your Hate Pile

You know, sometimes we have times in our life when everything is crappy. Where nothing seems to go right and no matter what you do, you always feel like it breaks apart. It seems that no matter what you wish or want, it isn't happening. Here's a few ways to cope with what I call, 'The Hate Pile'

Christie Shinn 2 years ago