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Hoptocopter Films
Hoptocopter Films is a film and commercial production company based in Grand Junction, CO. We've done work for businesses all over the world and we love to continue in the art of storytelling through motion picture. Whether it's comedy, ...
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    Iron Cross Automotive is made 100% in the USA. Based out of Tulsa, OK, Troy Bundy leads his team to produce strong, good-looking bumpers, step tubes, and many other automotive parts. Learn more about Iron Cross Automotive at ironcrossautomotive.com. The production for Iron Cross was a blast. We got to go hang out at the lake with professional bass fisherman, Fred Roumbanis, fly our RC camera Helicopter inside their 300,000 square foot manufacturing plant, and excessively torch sheets of metal onto puddles of gasoline in order to get a “cool shot” for this piece. The Iron Cross Automotive guys work hard… and play hard. They’ll do burnouts, jump their trucks, build their own machines to make things more efficient, and innovate to beat overseas manufacturing prices. James Drake did an excellent job as DP using the Red EPIC. Jess Rigg kept us all on point and together as the 1st AD. Jess also got pretty good at racing a golf cart in a warehouse to get us stands, lights, cards, batteries, etc. to wherever we needed them. Danny Odom is one of our favorite scoring guys to work with. Find Danny Odom (a.k.a. MODE) on TheMusicBed.com (themusicbed.com/#!/artist/MODE-22044/) or email him at mrmistermissedher@me.com. Directed and Edited by Seth Schaeffer RC Heli Footage from DSLRPros.com Ultimate Aerial Kit - dslrpros.com Hoptocopter™ Films is a full service production company working from concept to completion and in post-production roles. If we can help you with anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at hoptocopter.com.

  • Crazy Jackets With Mitts BUILT IN!

    You’ve never seen anything like this! Mitts built into your jacket. Neck Gator built into your jacket. Never lose mitts again and they’re built ridiculously well at a fair price! Learn More at http://lokigear.com!

  • Brookline - 3 Part Harmony

    http://bit.ly/gainvideo - Vote for Carrie S on facebook for Gain’s “Smell Like a Million Bucks” contest! To Learn more about Brookline, visit http://www.brooklinemusic.com

  • The True State of Our Economy…

    “The True State of the Economy” is brought to you by API (Asset Preservation Institute). API is preparing Americans for the transformation of America, the collapse of the currency and a prolonged hyperinflationary depression. API is strictly an education and consulting firm empowering individuals in a changing America; providing timely and critical data for surviving the transformation of America and the tools to help get America back on track. API offers personal economic and financial educational programs to members of the public. API provides independent non-biased analysis, private one on one consultations on demand and ongoing educational programs. LEARN MORE: http://assetpreservationinstitute.org/ http://jmcproductions.org http://saveamericafoundation.com

  • Madarozzo Madrose… a Killer Guitar

    Omer Avni demonstrates his use of the Madarozzo “Madrose Deluxe” on his song “Lessons.” The footage was captured in Los Angeles, CA in Yossi Shakked’s studio by Seth Schaeffer of Hoptocopter Films. Solid Alder Body, Solid Flamed Maple Top, One Piece Maple Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, Custom ‘Jerry Auerswald’ designed pickups, electronics and hardware. — Available in Black Stain, Blue Stain, Red Stain, Brown Stain, & Gold Stain. Check out the MadRose™ Deluxe models » http://madarozzo.com/Madarozzo_Gig_Ba… - - - - - - - - - - - Omer Avni’s music can be found at http://www.myspace.com/omeravni - - - - - - - - - - - Details on filming and video production services from Seth Schaeffer can by found at http://www.hoptocopter.com. - - - - - - - - - - - Details on recording, mixing, mastering, and producers can be found at http://www.yossishakked.com

  • This Guy’s Walking 7,000 Miles!!!

    Troy Yocum is walking 7,000 miles to help raise money for hurting military families. He’s helping Soldiers Angels raise funds, he’s out to create a day of free shipping for deployed soldiers, and he’s headed for congress with a petition from mayors and many other politicians and city leaders. He’s doing so much, but needs help. Get out your cell phone and text “Soldiers” to 20222. You’ll be billed a donation of $5. It’s simple, quick, and secure. If you’d prefer to go online, visit http://www.drumhike.com. learn more at http://www.hoptocopter.com

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