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Frosty Girl Is Awesome!

The world is an alright place.

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About a year ago I opened the mail box to discover that someone had thrown a half eaten frosty in it. Granted, we were a bit peeved that someone splashed our junk mail with the frozen dairy… whatever it is, but we just wrote it off as some kids mistaking our giant mailbox for the cop’s that lives next door. It wasn’t a big deal. A couple of weeks ago, we checked our mailbox and found a un-stamped envelope. I told my wife not to open it, because anything that comes in the mail like that is either a chain letter, death threat, or full of earwigs. My wife, being the less paranoid, opened it. Inside was about the coolest thing we’ve seen in quite some time. Seriously, the girl who wrote this deserves kudos for not being swallowed up by cynical forces, but rather showing some much needed self reflection and empathy. The kids are alright.

Dear Resident,

I wanted to apologize for putting a frosty in your mailbox. Writing it on paper makes me realize how stupid it was. I’d like to apologize on behalf of my friend and I. I’m not even sure you really remember this incident, or if it mattered much, but I wanted you to know I felt guilty as heck. I even contemplated whether or not to confess it to my priest (hehe). Well, I didn’t, but after a year or so, I thought this would be a good idea. I’m so sorry it took me this long to make an apology. I hope you forgive my friend and I.


[name redacted]

I thought I should give back to you, so I added this drawing I had been making in class at school when I got bored.

I also enclosed two dollars so you could get your own frosty. It’s on me.

Seriously, Frosty Girl is awesome!

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