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    • hopfrog

      This idea that games are almost or getting close to the same levels of film and therefore need to adjust is completely odd. Look at the numbers, gaming is mainstream now. So what does that mean? It means that that they are a creative medium just like books and movies. And like books and movies, there is a huge range of games that appeal to different sensibilities. There will be things that challenge people, things that inspire people. And yes, things that truly offend at times. And quite frankly, I’ve been offended by different sorts of items that various creative mediums have put out. That’s the by-product, for right or wrong, of a creative medium that relies on freedom. But it’s that same freedom that truly allows for amazing experiences in a medium. There is no way to regulate what you want out of a creative expression without risking suppression of something wonderful. For every book that has truly moved someone, for every movie that has connected, there is a world of shlock. Here’s a secret, if something offends, do not support it. Simple as that. Mind blowing, right? Trust me, there is a lot out there that I personally would like it to just disappear from existence. But that’s not how creativity functions. No one view should dominate and declare what is allowed, and what isn’t. All that will do is make people want to challenge that notion to even more extreme levels. But past all of that, why are we still talking about a gaming community? People don’t talk about a book reading community or movie watching community. It’s grown too vast for such simplistic talk. Yes, there will be people who play or develop games that say something offensive. You don’t have to look hard to find examples of that with authors, actors, directors and so on.  There is nothing gaming has to earn, as if it was some monolithic movement begging to be let into some club. It’s a creative medium that has all the trappings and grandeur of any other.

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