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What's An Accidentally Very, Very Funny Line From A TV Show?

Shoutout to Riverdale.

Some TV lines are meant to be hilarious and land perfectly. Others are meant to be serious and really affect you.

Then there are those lines that are meant to be serious but are instead very, very, very funny. So what's your favorite one?

Maybe Riverdale's "highs and lows of high school football" moment made you spit your proverbial coffee.

An inmate says, "I dropped out in the fourth grade to run drugs to support my nana," and Archie says, "That means you haven't known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football"

Or maybe Tyene's truly disgusting line on Game of Thrones made you spit your actual coffee.

Tyene whispers, "You want a good girl, but you need the bad pussy"

Or maybe Ben's wild attempt to comfort Amy on The Secret Life of The American Teenager made you drop your entire coffee on the floor when you doubled over in laughter.

Amy cries and says "I'm such a whore," and Ben says, "Well, you're my whore"

Let me know the "serious" TV line that made you laugh in the comments below! Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.