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Teens, What Do You Want To Say To Adults Who Can Vote In This Election?

You're the future, but you're also the present.

Hello, youths of the US!

Joey from "Friends" saying, "Sup with the wack Playstation sup"

I'm 20, so this is the first presidential election I am old enough vote in, and I am very excited to do so!

I wanted to vote so badly in 2016 because I wanted my voice to be heard, but I was too young. So, this inspired me to ask you, teens of the US: What do you want to say to adults who can vote in 2020?

Maybe you want to ask us to vote for candidates who will help your generation deal with climate change.

Or maybe you want us to consider the issue of gun control first because it's your schools at the forefront of the issue.

Or maybe you've watched the global movement against racist police brutality in the news this summer, and you want to see adults vote for candidates who will fight for racial justice.

A Black Lives Matter protest

Your voice matters, even if you can't vote in this election. Let us know what you want to say to adults who *can* vote in 2020 in the comments below – some of the best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.