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12 TV Wedding Dresses That I Think Are Winners And 12 That Don't Shine All That Bright

Claire's dress on Outlander is a winner.

1. I'd wear Monica's original wedding dress on Friends any chance I could get.

2. But I would run from Callie's wedding dress on Grey's Anatomy.

3. Tahani's dress at her and Jason's wedding on The Good Place is simple and great.

4. But Janet's dress on The Good Place is, sadly, a no.

5. Claire's dress on Outlander is a good kind of elaborate.

6. But Veronica's dress in that Riverdale dream sequence is weird, according to me, the God of Fashion.

7. The wedding dress Olivia wears in an alternate universe on Scandal isn't 100% perfect, but it's certainly very nice.

8. But the dress Izzie wears at her and Alex's wedding on Grey's Anatomy don't impress me much.

9. It's not even a question: I would absolutely wear Rachel's dress from Friends.

10. But, though it's definitely not awful, I wouldn't wear Pam's dress from The Office.

11. Yes, the final product isn't an A+, but I LOVE the idea of Jess's wedding dress on New Girl.

12. But Lisa's wedding dress on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air errs too much on the side of bad.

13. Nell's wedding dress on The Haunting of Hill House is an excellent boho dress.

14. Then there's Cristina's dress at her and Owen's wedding on Grey's Anatomy, which may be right for some people, but it's just not right for me.

15. Wanda's dress on WandaVision is secretly beautiful.

16. But Daphne's first dress on Frasier is secretly not gorgeous.

17. The dress isn't fautless, but with a few changes, I'd wear Phoebe's dress from Friends.

18. Then there's Bailey's wedding dress on Grey's Anatomy, which I stroooooooongly dislike.

19. I didn't realize it right away, but Topanga's dress on Boy Meets World is very, very good.

20. But Amy's dress on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is bad. It's bad.

21. Sure, I'd try on the dress Monica ends up wearing for her wedding on Friends.

22. But Cristina's dress at her and Burke's wedding on Grey's Anatomy is another one that's perfect for someone who isn't me.

23. And finally, I want to wear Cece's exemplary dress at her and Schmidt's wedding on New Girl, please.

24. But please, never ever make me wear Diane's outfit at her and Frasier's imaginary wedding on Cheers.