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    People Are Sharing The Extremely Bad Things "Good" People Do In Movies, And It's Time To Call 911 On Some Protagonists

    "A lot of 'good' characters are using child soldiers — I don't care if they've got magical superpowers."

    Movies love to let protagonists get away with stuff. So it makes sense that Reddit user u/Kingflares would get down to business and ask, "What war crimes do the 'good guys' in movies commit against the 'evil' faction?"

    Here are 15 of the responses:

    1. "James Bond commits multiple acts of torture and frequently threatens unarmed people with assault or even death."

    2. "Fake surrendering and harming someone after they have surrendered."

    Amber Gill from "Love Island UK" glaring

    3. "Every time they kill a minion. Nobody cares when the ninja army gets slaughtered, but the moment the Big Bad steps into the room, suddenly they all have a conscience."

    4. "Mock execution. It's a hugely popular plot device to point a gun at someone's head and pull the trigger when the chamber was empty, or to push someone off a roof onto a waiting platform/pad, or whatever. But convincing someone that they (or another person) are going to be killed imminently is a form of torture."

    Schmidt from "New Girl" looking annoyed

    5. "Isn’t Ender's Game about tricking a child into committing genocide?"

    6. "Every scene with a flamethrower."

    Maura from "Love Island UK" looking incredulous

    7. "Looting. You aren't supposed to loot."

    8. "A lot of 'good' characters flirt with or outright commit torture in interrogation sessions."

    Jim from "The Office" looking confused and annoyed

    9. "In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, after the 'good people' win at the end of the movie, they just wholesale slaughter millions of people on all those Star Destroyers instead of capturing them."

    10. "Where they dress up as soldiers of the evil empire and proceed to kill enemy soldiers who think they are on their side. Looking at you, Star Wars."

    Han Solo dressed as a Stormtrooper in "A New Hope"

    11. "A lot of 'good' characters are using child soldiers — I don’t care if they’ve got magical superpowers. Spider-Man’s 15 in Spider-Man: Homecoming."

    12. "If you're wrongly accused of murder, you can't break out of jail, assault and maim god knows how many people, kidnap, and blow up things to clear your name. That other shit is still illegal."

    Amber Davies from "Love Island UK" series 3 with wide eyes

    13. "Killing or 'finishing off' injured enemies."

    14. "In Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, you are supposed to believe Michael B. Jordan is making a heroic one-person stand during a black ops mission in Russia, until you realize that the Russian police and soldiers are responding to what appears to be a terrorist incident, rather than the movie's villain blowing himself up, and they have no clue who is shooting at them."

    Cece from "New Girl" making a "That's bad" face

    15. And, "Superheroes who destroy half the town before the villain even does anything."

    Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.