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    17 Unrealistic Things That Happen In Movies That People Cannot Stand

    "Translating an ancient text, but then it still rhymes."

    Of course, enjoying any movie requires suspending some amount of disbelief. But sometimes it's just too much to suspend. So I am not surprised that Reddit user u/jay_rode received over 30 thousand responses when they asked, "What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?"

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    Here are just 17 of the responses.

    1. "Women waking up and going to sleep with a full face of makeup."

    Maura from "Love Island UK" making wide eyes

    2. "Blowing up a grainy picture makes it clearer."

    Amy and Molly-Mae from "Love Island UK" laughing

    3. "When there are two armies marching toward each other in formation, but as soon as the battle starts, it all breaks up into thousands of one-on-one melee duels, completely ignoring the importance of unit cohesion, discipline, training, and morale."

    Montana from "Love Island UK" looking annoyed

    4. "Attorneys pacing around during a trial and attorneys approaching the judge without asking."

    Amber from "Love Island UK" series 5 looking amused and annoyed

    "My personal favorite is when a new, damning piece of evidence or a witness is presented in the middle of trial to the complete surprise of the opposing party. Like, sorry buddy, but discovery deadline was a month ago. You should know this."


    5. "Grip strength. People hanging off anything, one-handed, for long times, holding on to other people, pulling themselves up. General population can't do a pull up."

    Malin from "Love Island UK" series 2 looking annoyed

    6. "Turning on the TV and what they needed to hear is on TV, on the right channel, at the right time."

    Shaughna from "Love Island UK" gasping

    7. "When people slice the palm of their hand open for a drop of blood. That shit will take FOREVER to heal, just prick your finger, damn."

    Anna from "Love Island UK" looking annoyed and confused

    8. "People googling exactly what's happening to them and getting the answers they're looking for. Happens in a lot in scary movies. A house is being haunted by the ghost of a tall man, and the owners google 'Tall man ghost' and find exactly the article that explains who the ghost is and what happened to him."

    Siânnise from "Love Island UK" looking annoyed and confused

    9. "People climbing through ductwork to get in between rooms. Most ducts are not big enough for a person to fit in."


    10. "Translating an ancient text, but then it still rhymes."

    Amber from "Love Island UK" series 5 laughing

    11. "Any movie where the villain, who is beating the shit out of the hero, decides to brag or monologue before killing them, which gives the hero enough time for a sneak attack or for somebody else to intervene."

    Priscilla from "Love Island UK" looking annoyed

    12. "Never saying goodbye (or equivalent) when finishing a phone call — they just hang up."

    Maura from "Love Island UK" shrugging

    "Also, making plans with someone without specifying the time and/or place."


    13. "There is obviously no coffee in the cup."

    Paige from "Love Island UK" laughing

    14. "Fuckers who yank out their IVs. Tugged on mine once and I fucking cried."

    Camilla from "Love Island UK" holding in an amused expression

    15. "Somebody writing flawless code in 60 seconds."

    Malin and Olivia from "Love Island UK" series 2 laughing

    16. "Blows to the head knocking someone out for exactly as long as is convenient for the plot, with no long-term consequences whatsoever. Even otherwise 'realistic' shows and movies are guilty of this. In reality, a blow to the head strong enough to knock you out is likely to cause brain damage or even death."

    Amber from "Love Island UK" series 5 gasping

    17. And, "Women shipwrecked, wearing sleeveless tops and not having underarm hair."


    Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    You can read the other responses on Reddit.

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