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    50 Famous TV Shows Ranked By What Percentage Of Their Episodes Were Written By Women

    5.05% of The X-Files episodes were written by women.

    Here are 50 famous TV shows, ranked from fewest to most episodes written by women.

    Episodes co-written by a woman and episodes with a woman on a "story by" credit are being counted.

    50. The Honeymooners: 0%

    A still from The Honeymooners

    49. The Dick Van Dyke Show: 1.27%

    A still from The Dick Van Dyke Show

    48. Sanford and Son: 1.47%

    A still from Sanford and Son

    47. Columbo: 4.35%

    A still from Columbo

    46. 24: 4.41%

    A still from 24

    45. The X-Files: 5.05%

    A still from The X Files

    44. M*A*S*H: 5.47%

    A still from Mash

    43. Game of Thrones: 5.48%

    The Game of Thrones cast at a press event

    42. Get Smart: 5.8%

    A promotional photo for Get Smart

    41. The Odd Couple: 6.14%

    A promotional photo for The Odd Couple, which shows the lead actors staring at a bird

    40. NYPD Blue: 7.66%

    A still from NYPD Blue

    39. Seinfeld: 10%

    A still from Seinfeld

    38. All in the Family: 10.73%

    A still from All in the Family

    37. King of the Hill: 11.97%

    A still from King of the Hill

    36. Schitt's Creek: 15%

    The Schitts Creek cast at a press event

    35. Good Times: 15.79%

    A photo from the Good Times set

    34. Veep: 16.92%

    The cast of Veep on the red carpet

    33. The Jeffersons: 19.37%

    A still from The Jeffersons

    32. The Office (US): 21.39%

    A still from The Office

    31. Battlestar Galactica (2004–09): 22.37%

    A promotional photo for Battlestar Galactica

    30. Dallas: 22.41%

    A promotional photo for Dallas

    29. The Shield: 22.73%

    A promotional photo for The Shield

    28. Homeland: 22.92%

    Members of the Homeland cast at a press event

    27. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: 23.21%

    A still from The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    26. Cheers: 24%

    A still from Cheers

    25. Breaking Bad: 24.19%

    Members of the Breaking Bad cast at a press event

    24. Everybody Loves Raymond: 24.29%

    A still from Everybody Loves Raymond

    23. Lost: 24.79%

    A still from Lost

    22. The Americans: 25.33%

    Members of the cast of The Americans at a press event

    21. The West Wing: 25.97%

    A promotional photo for The West Wing

    20. The Bernie Mac Show: 33.65%

    Bernie Mac at an award show

    19. ER: 34.74%

    A promotional photo for ER

    18. The Walking Dead: 34.91%

    Members of the cast of The Walking Dead at a press event

    17. 30 Rock: 37.41%

    A promotional photo for 30 Rock

    16. Fresh off the Boat: 38.79%

    A promotional photo for Fresh Off the Boat

    15. The Good Place: 39.62%

    The cast of The Good Place at a press event

    14. BoJack Horseman: 41.56%

    A still from BoJack Horseman

    13. Friday Night Lights: 42.11%

    A still from Friday Night Lights

    12. Friends: 44.07%

    A still from Friends

    11. New Girl: 44.52%

    A still from New Girl

    10. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: 45.27%

    A still from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    9. The Golden Girls: 47.22%

    A still from The Golden Girls

    8. Living Single: 47.46%

    A still from Living Single

    7. Will & Grace: 48.58%

    A still from Will and Grace

    6. Gilmore Girls: 56.69%

    Members of the cast of Gilmore Girls at a press event

    5. Orange Is the New Black: 69.23%

    Members of the cast of Orange Is the New Black on the red carpet

    4. My So-Called Life: 73.68%

    A promotional photo for My So Called Life

    3. Dynasty: 74.78%

    A promotional photo for Dynasty

    2. Broad City: 84%

    The Broad City main cast members at a press event

    1. I Love Lucy: 95.86%

    A still from I Love Lucy